Proposal For Earnings

The individuals joining the cooperation with our Association can achieve attractive earnings. And what's important - joining the cooperation with us is free of charge. It really does not need any money. This is an attractive way to increase an income, especially in the era of globalization.

There are some ways for individuals to make money.

  1. You may invite to cooperation with our Association the companies.
    If our Association reached revenue of cooperation with the company, which has invited a private person, PG will pay the following remuneration:
    • for the performer - 88% of net income of the Association from the contract;
    • for the 1 level referrers - 7% of net the contract's profit;
    • for the second level referrers - 3% of net the contract's profit.
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  2. The individuals can participate in the realization of the contract or project as a task performer. In this case, the Association pays the amount to 88% of the project profit.
    Offer us your opportunity, your potential.
    We open up to that.
  3. You can participate in our commercial investment projects.
    Before making a decision, you have to consider its cost-effectiveness, to know our experts assessment and risk assessment.
    Each project listed on our website will be explored by experts, often the experts from different countries. It will be depend on the type of project. We will be executing only the project with profit rate.

Why PG

Why Parroslab Group

In addition, the performers in our Association are motivated to give a significant percentage of profits, there is a whole number of advantages.
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